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Click for photo Hamilton - #4992b,22j, adj 6 pos,manual wind ,lever set,[movement], very good size 16,Hamilton chrome plated base metal screwback and bezel,brassing on back and the markings are worn [back]. near mint Painted matte black metal dial,true 24 hour watch, sweep seconds. A good example of the famed Hamilton "4992B" which saw so much action during WW2, used by the army, navy and the army air corp , this was one of the most versatile time pieces of WW2. (Ref r497)
$475 - SOLD (7/12/2014 11:29:58 AM)

Click for photo Hamilton - 22 jewels,4992b, stem hack set, manual wind [movement], excellent+ chrome plated display case,3 piece case. excellent+ painted black dial,24hour dial,sweep seconds ,GCT. WW2 Hamilton 4992b housed in a display case that allows one to see the beautiful movement. (Ref r1010)
$458 - SOLD (12/21/2007)

2 items found